Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement (updated 01.11.2022) contains a description of the recording of Carbofex Oy’s customers and the personal data collected by its partners and the use of personal data.

Registrar Carbofex Oy

Register ID 2776845-8
Address: Kaarnakatu 1, 37150 Nokia
Phone: +358 50 547 89 83

Personal data handler

Anna Yrjönen 
+358 50 547 89 83

Registry name

Carbofex Oy’s Customer Register Purpose of processing of personal data.

The purpose of the processing of personal data is to maintain and communicate the Customer Functions of Carbofex Oy.

The processing of personal data is subject to a condition of a registered consent, a customer relationship or an application for establishing a customer relationship or other contact. Similarly, a person may have an obligation or obligation relating to a customer relationship or the registration of information may be due to the law-based registration obligation.

Personal information is processed, for example, for the following purposes:

  • Implement and development of services provided by Carbofex. 
  • identification, storage, consolidation of laws, regulation and regulations,  managing reporting and questionnaire obligations. 
  • Management of the entire customer relationship life cycle, such as customer, communication, contact and Maintaining and developing mandate history in the Personal Data Act and obliged within the limits. 
  • abuses, observed criminal activities or doubt as well as prevention and settlement of trouble situations. 
  • Customer’s knowledge information and other personal data can be used to prevent, disclosure and investigate money laundering and terrorist financing and the financing of money laundering and terrorism and its offense with which the property or criminal benefit of the financing of money laundering or terrorism has been obtained.

Registry data content Carbofex Oy can collect and maintain the following information:

  • Contact information for customer relationship creation and customer knowledge and identification, as well as the personal data of a natural person or the corresponding legal personality. 
  • The purpose of the use and use of the admissions of the admissions service. 
  • All contact information, including customer relationships and / or loan applications. 
  • the information required to meet the legislative obligations, such as money laundering and the fulfillment of the obligations of the law on the identification and prevention of terrorism the necessary information required. 
  • IP addresses and cookie information. 
  • Information on the consents and prohibitions of direct marketing. Details of external sources of information and information on the transfer of information any other information collected with the customer’s consent. 

Carbofex can use a company offering one or more credit information companies to revise personal and credit information and to prevent abuse and maintain information on the amendments made.

Regular information sources

Information on the customer is obtained regularly: 

  • From the customer itself 
  • credit and business information registers 
  • Connection and address information registers 
  • from banks or other reliable entities
  • Registers holding the authorities. 

The company can also collect information about other sources of information to target customer and marketing communications to people interested in their products and services.

Regular donations of data Information may be disclosed regularly:

  • For marketing and research purposes unless registered has denied disclosure of information. 
  • For billing and recovery agencies and authorities in statutory cases 
  • Carbofex Oy for companies belonging to the same group, located In the European Economic Area. 
  • Information on credit and management may also be disclosed to third parties on the basis of a registered consent.

Transfer of information outside the EU or EEA Information is not regularly transferred or disclosed outside the EU or the European Economic Area.

Principles of registry protection and data storage a potential manual material related to customer relationships can be maintained for a period of five years.

The obligation to storage continues throughout the customer relationship and still after the end of the customer relationship is completed for five years. 

Manual material is maintained in properly locked spaces. Electrically stored information is kept accordingly, properly protected User authentication in demanding information system for five years from the last customer event. The use of the register is entitled only to employees who have the right to deal with the information in question. 

The information is treated confidentially and can not access non-corporate bodies. The information is protected by firewalls and other technical means.

The right of inspection and the right to demand the correcting information:

The registration has the right to check the information stored in the register. The inspection request must be shown in writing to the controller. If there are errors in the registered information, it may be registered to submit a request for correcting an error. Carbofex fixes the incorrect, unnecessary, incomplete or obsolete information presented without undue delay.

Other rights related to the processing and prohibition of personal data

The registration has the right to prohibit Carbofex Oy from addressing him for direct marketing for distance selling and market and opinion polls. 

If you wish to use the registration registered with its ban must be connected to Carbofex by email (, by phone: +358 50 547 8983, Carbofex’s offices (see up-to-date mailing addresses for website: or post Carbofex Oy, Kaarnakatu 1, 37150 Nokia.

A cookie (cookie) is an identifier file whose network service is sent to your computer. It will help you manage the service event. 

Carbofex uses cookies to only improve user experiences and the overall level of service and to analyze the use of its web site from marketing and quality monitoring. 

Carbofex may also use the so-called ” Third-party cookies for the purpose that Carbofex’s partner can support Carbofex, for example in analyzing and evaluating the use of its web sites.

Registered may, if desired, change the settings for your web browser and prevent cookies or obtain information about the use of cookies. 

If all cookies are blocked, the Carbofex service will stop working in whole or in part. Change Carbofex Oy can change this registration platform. 

An up-to-date registration statement is available on the Internet site managed by Carbofex Oy.